ARC88 ALSA Driver

This is a web side for the SEK'D ARC88 Audio Recording Card Linux driver. The driver provides the low level ALSA driver for recording and playing audio up to 8 tracks under Linux with this card.

The ARC88 card is a product of SEK'D later distributed by Marian. It has 8 analog IN's and OUT's plus 1 digital SPDIF I/O. Multiple cards can be synced together via a synchronisation cable.

Having 2 of this cards, I decided to write a driver for Linux, especially to use these with Ardour.

Project Page

See my Projectpage at for news and further information.


The driver is not stable yet, but you can download the last "seems to work" version at the Project page. Click here:


The digital channels are not running yet and I have also problems with running 2 cards synced. At the time the card has a relativ high latency.


Feedback will be very welcome! Please write at:
Thorsten Edelhäußer <toersi_(at)_gmx_(dot)_de>